Preparing a Position Description

Examples of Selection Criteria

Selection criteria include a mixture of qualifications, attributes, skills and knowledge.


  • An appropriate postgraduate qualification with extensive relevant experience or an equivalent combination of extensive relevant experience and/or education/training.
  • Completion of a Certificate level qualification with relevant work experience, or an equivalent combination of relevant experience and/or education/training
  • Completion of Year 12 with experience in (for example: a child care centre), or an equivalent combination of relevant experience and education/training
  • Completion of degree level qualification; postgraduate qualifications preferred
  • Completion of a degree in an appropriate field or an equivalent combination of relevant experience and/or education/training
  • A research doctorate or equivalent in (for example: hydrology, water resources) or a related discipline
  • A PhD degree in (for example: Chemical Engineering) or an associated discipline


Note how the attributes are broken down to the specific behaviours expected to fulfil position requirements. The behaviours identified need to be appropriate and relevant to the level and type of position.

Demonstrated ability to be adaptive and accepting of new ideas, and a willingness to approach new challenges and adjusts plans to meet new priorities.
Achievement Oriented
Demonstrates willingness and determination to set clear goals strives to attain them and is not deterred by challenges.
Demonstrates the tendency to contribute ideas and initiate new ways of working, shows enthusiasm for project work and special assignments.
Regulates own behaviour, comprehends organisational structure and culture and acts appropriately in the execution of duties.
Proven consistency in making sound decisions, able to act given reasonable access to information and time, utilises information, knowledge and experience to analyse and form judgements.Strategic approach - Comprehends the wider contexts, developments long term goals and determines strategies and actions required to achieve such goals.
Behaves in an honest and trustworthy manner, treats others fairly and is open about one’s own misjudgements and any conflicts of interest which may be present.
Attention to detail
Able to maintain sustained level of concentration in a volume processing activity to ensure accuracy and identify errors to be addressed.
Service Orientation
Displays a commitment to quality client service, values the supplying of accurate and timely information and relates to people from diverse backgrounds.
Understands the appropriate boundaries and context of the position in the execution of the responsibilities of the position.


Negotiation skills
Capable of listening and assimilating information from others, identifying various potential outcomes and consequences, presenting persuasive arguments and winning concessions while maintaining relationships.
Writing skills
Proven ability to use clear, concise language in correspondence as well as including content fitting for the purpose and audience when preparing written briefs and reports.
Leadership skills
Clearly and influentially articulates a vision, encourages and supports others while building valued and trusting relationships with others. Practices open communication, leads by example and effectively provides honest and constructive feedback.
Team Building skills
Promotes collective achievement, contributes to the development and achievement of group objectives, is respectful, actively listens to and seeks out opinions and ideas from others.
Project Management skills
Demonstrated ability to develop clear project plans and timelines, regularly communicate with stakeholders including project team members and monitor project progress maintaining within budget and required standards.
Management skills
Possess the ability to plan and organise self and others to ensure the completion of tasks and to manage and support others to succeed in their roles, can apply process and procedure and achieve compliance and comprehends issues surrounding sustainability in resource use.
Time Management / Organisational skills
Possess the ability to plan and organise self and others to ensure the timely completion of tasks.
Presentation skills
Ability to structure, engage and present information clearly and interestingly to various audiences.
Analytical thinking skills
Proven ability to work in complex frameworks, analyse and prioritise elevated levels of information and convert ideas and objectives into actions.
Problem Solving skills
Ability to appropriately prioritize problems, gather and analyse the right information to identify symptoms and causes and identify the right people to involve to reach better conclusions.
Computer skills
Demonstrated ability with regard to computer skills, including excellent word processing capabilities, proficiency with e-mail and internet applications and data base applications and experience using programs such as¿(for example: MS Word, Access and Excel).
Teaching skills
fosters student development by developing curiosity and independence in learning, contributes to the students ability in critical thinking, adapts assessment methods to different contexts and diverse student needs.


  • A thorough understanding of... (for example: contemporary issues in teaching and learning in higher education, including the national policy settings)
  • Demonstrated knowledge coupled with practical skills of... (for example: horse husbandry, management and handling, including barn management)
  • Specific knowledge of... (for example: Occupational Health and Safety Legislation)