Information for defined member members - DBD Update

All employees at the University are entitled to superannuation benefits. Under the current Collective Agreement 2010, the University contributes to UniSuper, the superannuation fund that is dedicated exclusively to employees who work in the higher education and research sector.

Defined Benefit Division and Accumulation Super (2) (previously DBP/ICP)

Generally, full-time and part-time (50% or more) staff appointed for an initial period of two years or more and whose salaries are funded from the University recurrent funding are required to join the Defined Benefit Division and Accumulation Super (2) as a condition of their employment.

The employer contribution rate is 17% of a member's gross salary.

The standard rate of member contributions is 7%. Members can elect to reduce the level of member contributions to 4.45%, 4%, 3%, 2%, 1% or 0%.

Accumulation Super (1) (Previously Award Plus Plan -APP)

The Accumulation Super (1) accepts the contributions the University is required to make for staff under the Federal Government Superannuation Guarantee legislation. Employees who do not qualify for membership of DBD and Accumulation (2) will have 9.25% of their annual salary contributed by the University to Accumulation Super (1) as part of the Superannuation Guarantee. There is no compulsory member contribution to this plan.

Superannuation Entitlements for Casual Employees

All casual staff will receive a minimum employer contribution of 9.25%. Casual staff members will have their contributions credited to their UniSuper Accumulation Super (1) accounts.

UniSuper Seminar Program

UniSuper runs a national seminar program for all members.